Priory Post 132 – Be Spirited Time (2)

Posted: 27th August 2015

Be Spirited Time (2)

Poetry from a participant

In a recent Priory Post article we featured last week’s ‘Be Spirited Time’.  Organised beautifully by Mrs Costello, prayer stations were set up in the Chapter Room and Chapel and pupils from the Nursery to Lower IV spent time there exploring different approaches to prayer and meditation.


We would like to share with you this poem, written by Aoife Pedreschi, Lower IV Alpha, about her experience during this time.

Dear God,

On Tuesday 28th April,

A special time of year,

We gathered in the chapel,

Became silent and lent an ear.


RS was different that day,

There were stations around the room,

With different activities scattered round,

We didn’t know what to assume.


Thanking, praising and praying,

For you and other people,

That night I dreamt of meeting you,

Bowing down before the steeple.


We wrote our thanks on cut out leaves,

Before a bunch of blooming flowers,

Oh how I could have talked to you,

Told you my problems for hours.


I thanked you for the little things,

The moon, the stars, the sun,

I thanked you also for everyone,

And everything you’ve done.


Then there was the golden box,

Inside it was something for free,

My gaze stopped on a mirror,

My reflection stared back at me.


I thanked you for who I am,

And the person I’ve become,

I thanked you for who’s in my life,

And that I’m safer than more than some.


I blew a bubble and thought of you,

How lucky that you’re by my side,

Then for my friends and family,

How they have taken me in their stride.


I then wrote words about you,

Humble and selfless made the list,

From scrabble letters made of plastic,

Praising thanks that you exist.


But my favourite gift,

A special gift, it’s true,

I thank you for this special gift,

And that special gift is you.


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