Priory Post 125 – Be Spirited Time

Posted: 27th August 2015

Be Spirited Time

Nursery to Lower IV

On Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th April our Chapter Room and Chapel welcomed pupils from the Nursery to Lower IV and gave them the opportunity to ‘Be Spirited’.

Prayer stations were laid out in both areas so that our pupils were able to savour different approaches to prayer and meditation.


For example, at one prayer station children were invited to try Bubble Prayers by thinking of anyone they knew who may be having a difficult time.  They would then blow a bubble and say ‘Jesus be with (and say the name of the person)’.  They then watched silently as the bubble rose and vanished and were then still for a few moments.


Praying with Creation was the focus of another station.  Children were invited to be still and gaze at a flower, looking carefully at the colours, the shape, the stem and the petals.  They then wrote a prayer or litany of praise for all that God has created.  For example, praising God for the flowers and trees, for the rivers and streams or for the mountains and valleys.  And then they were invited to be still.


A table with Scrabble tiles was provided for Words for God.  Again, being still started and ended the prayer.  Pupils were invited to think about what God is like for each one of them and then they could make a word or words with the Scrabble tiles that described this.  After that they looked at the words prayerfully for a few moments and prayed a short litany:  God, you are…, God you are…


Using the methods illustrated at each station the children were able to explore and discover different aspects of faith and ways of approaching and listening to God.

Pebble prayers allowed the girls to hold a pebble and think about all those who bring warmth and love into their lives.  As they dropped the pebble into the dish of water they could pray for all those people and as the ripples spread out, imagine God’s love spreading out to everyone.



Holding a wooden cross and feeling the smoothness of the texture invited thank you prayers for all that Jesus has done for each one of us.  Other stations invited praying with music, drawing hand prayers and praying for the world.



There was also God’s Gift prayer station.  There was a closed box at this station in which there was something very special and quite unique.  The children spent time thinking about what could be inside this box, what could be that special?

On opening the box each child discovered a mirror.

How does each of us feel about being very special – about being God’s gift?

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