Priory Post 118 – We prepare for Easter

Posted: 27th August 2015

We prepare for Easter

The End of Lent Term 2015


At St Augustine’s Priory the final days of the Lent Term 2015 were filled with anticipation and celebration as we continued our journey through Lent and looked forward to the events of Holy Week.


The Preps started us off with their early celebration of Palm Sunday on Thursday 26th March.  The Prayer Garden was filled with the sound of ‘Hosanna to the King’ as the Preps gathered in a circle, waving their palms and greeting Jesus, who entered the circle on a donkey and rode round and round, followed by his disciples.  The girls all then listened as they read the story of Palm Sunday to each other after which they all processed back to school and, unbidden, all began singing ‘Hosanna to the King’ once more.



The last day of term, Friday 27th March, began with our intrepid Preps going on their Easter Egg hunts in the Prep Meadow.  All the girls had made baskets in which to collect their eggs and were brilliant at helping each other if some girls did not have the same success as others in locating their treasures.  This meant that all of our Preps came away with a share of Easter eggs!



In our Chapel there was a beautiful Junior Lenten Service as the Juniors, together with Form III and Lower IV, focused on the Stations of the Cross.  The Senior Lenten Service also focused on the Stations of the Cross, using CAFOD’s Stations of the Cross which meditate on Jesus’s journey to the Cross with the people of Myanmar.  This was a mixture of Scripture, reflections, images and the stories of those affected by cyclone Nargis which the Head Girl, Deputies, House Captains, Orators, Faith Life and R.E. prefects led us through reflectively and with great thoughtfulness.



It was then time to visit the Nursery.  To herald the arrival of Spring the Nursery have triumphantly built an igloo out of plastic cartons.  This is a very solid, firmly fixed together and roomy edifice which will provide great shelter when needed.


Added to this, the Nursery was awash with a vibrant display of Easter gardens which each member of the Nursery had brought in.  This is a colourful display of many different plants carefully tended by those in the Nursery, helped by their teachers.


To end a packed day the Upper I LAMDA showcase took place, an event for which the girls had worked hard and to which their families had been invited.  This was enjoyed by everyone, a happy end to a wonderful day.




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