Priory Post 112 – Upper I explore Ancient Egypt

Posted: 27th August 2015

Upper I explore Ancient Egypt

Visit to the British Museum

On Monday 16th March Upper I visited the British Museum. They took part in a workshop about Ancient Egypt before touring the Ancient Egypt Galleries and also looked at the treasures from Sutton Hoo in the European Galleries. Here is what some Upper I girls had to say……


‘My favourite part of the trip was the lecture because we learned a lot about Nebamun and his daily life from the wall paintings the lady showed us.’ – Kara Irvine


‘I loved the workshop and I loved seeing the mummies and sarcophagi, I loved all of it!’ – Marija Vincic

‘My favourite part of the trip was the Sutton Hoo worksheet because I leaned new things about the Anglo Saxons.’ – Isabelle Size


‘In the British Museum I really enjoyed the electric theatre showing us lots of pictures and discussing the pictures’ – Naomi Nnatu


‘My favourite part of the British Museum was when we went to see the mummies, they were really scary!’- Isabella King


‘My favourite bit about the British Museum was the man who was buried in the sand.’ – Holly Hau

‘I liked doing the Sutton Hoo sheet and drawing pictures in it. I really enjoyed the British Museum!’ – Ambar Grewal


And finally, Sofia Duffy sums up Upper I’s experience of travelling back to Ancient Egypt and to Sutton Hoo learning about the past, ‘The British Museum was great! We got to learn amazing new things and we had a great time.’


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