Priory Post 94 – Peter Pan

Posted: 26th August 2015

Peter Pan

Preps II and III visit Neverland on 28th January

It must be admitted that Preps II and III didn’t travel quite as far as Neverland on Wednesday 28th January, but only as far as Wimbledon where they enjoyed a production of J M Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan’ at the Polka Theatre.  Opened in 1979, the Polka Theatre is dedicated to the production and presentation of work for children.


‘Peter Pan’ is the story of Peter, the boy who never grew up, and all the other characters who inhabit Neverland, including Peter’s gang of lost boys, Captain Hook and his pirates, the native Americans, the fairy Tinkerbell and, of course, the fearsome crocodile.  These are joined by Wendy Darling and her two brothers, John and Michael and the story is about all the adventures they have in Neverland.

Prep II and Prep III definitely enjoyed their visit to the theatre and we received several comments:

Honor in Prep III admired ‘Peter Pan’s very cool leather jacket with fringes’ and Siya’s (Prep III) favourite part was when ‘Captain Hook and Peter Pan were fighting and Peter Pan won and Captain Hook walked the plank’.  Maali in Prep II enjoyed it ‘when Peter Pan rescued Tiger Lily’.  Primrose, Prep III, mentioned when ‘Wendy kissed Peter Pan on the lips at the end and he didn’t know what kisses were’.


Mrs Costello, Form Teacher Prep III, commented that the flying scenes in the play were achieved using puppets and that the characters were very well represented:  Captain Hook was scary but he was frightened of the crocodile (with good reason!) and Wendy was very clever and brave and an excellent role model!

Mrs Costello also reported that all the girls enjoyed the day.  And all aspects of the day were enjoyed; Kate in Prep II even commented on how much she enjoyed the coach journey home.  Which wasn’t as far as ‘Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning’ but just as far home as Ealing!


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