Priory Post 80 – Chinese New Year

Posted: 26th August 2015

Chinese New Year

Prep I celebrations…

Chinese New Year has come early to the Preps.  Thursday 19th February is when this day falls in 2015 which is during our half term, so tomorrow Preps II and III will hold their Chinese New Year party.

Today it was Prep I’s turn.

The Prep I classroom was resplendently equipped with a Chinese restaurant, girls were busy making red envelopes and others were dancing with a rather beautiful and dramatic dragon.



Many girls in Prep I had come to school today wearing an item of red whether it was a hairband, a shirt, a dress or a ribbon.  In Chinese culture red symbolises good fortune and happiness and parents give monetary gifts in red envelopes to their children during the New Year.



Miss Eng, Art and Mandarin teacher, had prepared Prep I for this day and was on hand to guide them through some intricate dance steps with their dragon.


Esha commented, ‘I like the dragon’ and Aliyah agreed, adding ‘it was exciting’.

In addition to the celebrations in Prep I, Holroyd Howe, our school caterers, also entered into the spirit of Chinese New Year with the hot lunch options being sweet and sour chicken and vegetable chow mein.  Delicious!

Happy New Year to Prep I!


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