Priory Post 54 – Tate Modern

Posted: 24th August 2015


Upper V – Upper VI Art Visit

Veronica Armanuos, Upper V Alpha, reports on the recent visit of the Upper V to Upper VI Art groups to the Tate Modern:


‘On 21st October the St Augustine’s Priory Art Department quickly fled to the London Tate Modern Gallery through the tempestuous rain and blistering winds.

We set out taking detailed notes through quick sketches and photographs on any of the elements or artworks that stood out or intrigued us, in order to spark inspiration for our own individual themes.


There were four different wings to allow this artistic influence to exploit our minds; these were called: Structure and Clarity, Energy/Process, Transformed Visions and Poetry and Dream. The Structure and Clarity wing focused on the development of abstract art since the early 20th century, whereas the Energy/Process wing focused upon the radical Italian art movement of the 1960s and 1970s and its international context. Transformed Visions portrayed a new kind of expressive abstraction that took place after the Second World War and, finally, Poetry and Dream contained over 70 paintings and sculptures by the surrealists and their associates, who prized the power of the unconscious and dreams.


Overall, we all thoroughly enjoyed the visit.  We were all able to take away relevant ideas and thoughts about the work in the exhibition and we were all inspired by the striking range of modern and contemporary art.

As art students we are all guilty of trying to combine all our ideas into one forcing our artwork to be complex and busy. However, our trip to the Tate Modern reminded us that sometimes simplicity conveys more emotive meaning and impact than does complexity.’


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