Priory Post 44 – Photography Club

Posted: 21st August 2015


Fast Shutter Speed

Over the past two weeks, the Photography Club has been studying the photographic technique of ‘shutter speed’. Shutter speed, also known as ‘exposure time’, stands for the length of time a camera shutter is open to expose light into the camera’s sensor.

If the shutter speed is fast, it can help to freeze action completely. If the shutter speed is slow, it can create an effect called ‘motion blur’, where moving objects appear blurred. The girls learned how to alter the camera settings in order to capture a crisp and clear image.

Momiji Fukushima in Lower V Alpha was the winner of this week’s photography competition to capture a photograph using a fast shutter speed. The use of the colours in the photograph was complementary to the theme of the week. Momiji used a bright red apple as the central object in the photograph which captures the audience’s attention and navigates them to look at the concentrated centre of the photograph.


Momiji’s skills with altering the camera settings were clearly represented. The photograph was both crisp and vibrant. It was no surprise that she was placed first. Very well done, Momiji!


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