Priory Post 7 – Netballing Mothers

Posted: 19th August 2015

Mich. 14

Netballing Mothers

The St Augustine’s Priory mothers’ netball team goes from strength to strength.  Here is a report from two of the team on last week’s session:

‘We had a great netball game last night with 11 of us on court. We dropped the wing defences and we had a centre who played for both sides!

It was a beautiful evening and after a gentle warm up and some netball passing skills such as “cutting the cake” demonstrated by Olivia and Grace; we cracked on with the game.  It was evenly matched and a great game was enjoyed by all.

We hope to see some more players join us!  A special welcome to our new St. Augustine’s Priory players Pamela, Robyn, Jo and Jackie.’

Do join the team – you don’t have to be an expert player, join and have some fun.

Take part on Monday evenings at St Augustine’s Priory from 8.00 – 9.00 p.m. – it’s the bargain price of £1 per player!



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