Priory Post 41 – Art Competition

Posted: 19th August 2015


Christmas Card Competition 2014!

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas festivities and cards!

We would like to invite all the artists in school to submit an entry to the Catholic Independent Schools’ Conference (CISC) Christmas card competition! This is a fantastic opportunity to create visually exciting and empowering imagery.

There is so much conflict in the world at present, for example in Syria and Iraq, and so much hardship and suffering is being caused to the families who live in the areas affected.  Jesus was born in a time of conflict and the challenges Joseph and Mary faced to raise him were immense.   We read of King Herod’s attempts to kill the baby Jesus and the courage of the three kings in defying Herod.  As an adult, Jesus had to deal with conflict on a daily basis in his ministry.


The theme of this year’s competition is “Courage in Conflict”.  Young people today often need the courage to do the right thing in the situations of conflict they may encounter in their life both at school and at home.  Hopefully, they will be able to identify with this theme and produce images reflecting good triumphing over evil through courage. Consider how you might use the Catholic religion and images associated with it to inspire courage in the face of adversity.

As well as cash prizes, the winning entry will be the CISC Christmas Card with the name of the student and school on the card; other leading entries across the age range will have their entries and names and school on the card too and all entries will be uploaded onto the CISC website.

Entries could be a pupil’s 2D or 3D art-work or a photograph of a religious artefact which could include a stained glass window. Any material or surface can be used to create the image, it just has to be representative of the theme ‘Courage in Conflict’. This work will need to be handed in to the Art Department, making sure your name and age is attached to the back of the work.


Please had all entries to the Art Department by Wednesday 12th November 2014.

The competition is open to all age groups and you may enter more than one image or work. The Art Department would love to see examples of the excellent artwork of which everyone is capable. Please speak to your Art teacher if you would like help with materials and equipment.


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