Priory Post 28 – A Day Out at Kew with Lower II

Posted: 19th August 2015


A Day Out at Kew with Lower II

Firstly, our reporter Emma Sonderby, Lower IIA reports:

It was a chilly Autumn morning on Thursday 25th September when Lower II got on the coach to Kew Gardens. It took about twenty minutes to get there. I was very excited about visiting the gardens, even though I had been there many times before, not just with school.

When I got off the coach, I could smell the flowers and plants which made me feel happy. After we went through Victoria Gate, we were split into two groups and headed towards the museum by the lake. It reminded me of an old forgotten mansion. Funnily enough, although it looked old, it had the scent of a new car.

In the museum, I learned that film rolls are made out of eucalyptus trees; it was full of interesting facts and I found out all about chewing gum.

Later our guide, called Ruth, took us to the Palm House which contained tropical trees from all over the world. It was hot and humid in there, in order to create a natural habitat for these plants and trees. The flowers had spectacular colours. My favourite trees were the cacao tree, the mango and the vanilla tree.


The vanilla smelt of freshly baked cakes which made me feel a bit hungry. Luckily, we were given some dried mango to taste. It was sweeter and harder than fresh mango. We also smelt chocolate nibs and chocolate butter made from cacao bean grown at the location. We didn’t see any coconuts on the palm trees in the Palm House because the roots were too short for the coconuts to grow.


I had a wonderful day and I can’t wait to go back with my family and explore the rest of beautiful Kew Gardens. The girls in Lower II were very happy that Mrs Winslett came out with us to help Mrs Ogley, Miss O’Brien and Miss O’Connell run the trip.

Adriana Krickic in Lower II Alpha continues:

I had a lovely time at Kew Gardens last week. I learnt a lot about the rainforest from a lady called Ruth who worked at Kew Gardens. She took us to the Palm House where it was very hot, so we all took off our jumpers and coats before we went in. In the Palm house I learnt that star fruit grow on trees and pineapples grow on bushes. Ruth also showed us the biggest seed in the world which is called the ‘bum seed’.


After this we looked around the museum and then Ruth organised some activities for us. On one table we had to guess what the spices were, then play the storytelling game with unusual objects and finally match the ingredients to items in a shopping bag. After this very busy morning we had lunch in a massive tipi.

After a big lunch we went to the Princess of Wales conservatory to sketch flowers to use in Miss Eng’s art class. After a great day we got on the coach and went back to school.


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