Priory Post 17 – Debating Society

Posted: 19th August 2015

Mich. 14

Debating Society

Sara Gulamali, Upper VI, reports on the latest activities of our Debating Society:

‘On Wednesday 17th September St Augustine’s Priory Debating Society debated the proposition ‘This House is against Scottish independence’. The team for the proposition consisted of Sinead O’Sullivan as first speaker, Maddie Tipping and Serena Gray as joint second speaker and Sara Gulamali as summary speaker. On the Opposition, fighting for Scotland’s independence, we had Megan O’Flynn as first speaker, Nisna Mahtani and Maryam Reis Dehabadi.

There were powerful arguments on both sides, with the proposition raising concerns over the new currency and the lack of guarantee in Scotland’s future, to the opposition fighting for the right to be free of Westminster and an opportunity for Scotland to control its own future.  After questions from the floor, the proposition concluded that, no matter what the result, Scotland has been given a bigger voice than ever before and can definitely expect change either way.

That closing statement proved to sway the audience, as the proposition team proceeded to win the debate and be supported by the real results from the referendum on Friday. Overall, both teams debated sophisticatedly and came prepared, informed and ready to win!

Debating club takes place every Wednesday at lunchtime in the History Room with Mrs Lunn. We debate relevant and interesting topics, and it is a great way to stay up to date on current affairs! We urge you all to come and watch or participate.’

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