This Term’s Careers Talks

Recent Work Experience

Upstream Consulting, EMEA

‘We had Jasmine come for work experience last week at IHS Markit.  It’s a huge $20 billion+ company, but the part that I manage is energy consultancy for Europe, Middle East and Africa.  We enjoyed hosting Jasmine, and I am writing this note to say what a credit she was to the school.  She charmed everyone she met, and the common feedback was that she was very smart and asked incisive questions.’

– Jon Story, Senior Director

University College Hospital

‘The work experience at University College Hospital was amazing and gave me a very honest insight into the world of healthcare. It was a completely immersive experience as I was treated as if I was part of their team. The procedures I was able to observe and assist in in the hospital were once in a lifetime.’

– Ellie, UVI


‘I never realised the extent of the work that the BBC does in the technology sector. Their work on VR, AI and voice-controlled technology was especially surprising, and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to test out these devices. The staff were welcoming with a wealth of knowledge to share, and I am extremely thankful to Mariam for organising such a fantastic programme. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that many more people should be a part of!’

– Aoife, UVI