How to Support Girls’ Education

At St. Augustine’s Priory, we believe in the transformative power of education, particularly for girls.

As an institution dedicated to fostering academic excellence, personal growth, and social responsibility, we are proud to stand as advocates for girls’ education, forming girls into the compassionate, driven young women of the future.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why St. Augustine’s Priory is the ideal choice for parents seeking a school that prioritises healthy child development and empowerment of their daughters.

Why St. Augustine’s Priory is a girls’ school

St. Augustine’s Priory is more than just a school. It’s a community where young girls are encouraged to thrive intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Our commitment to single-sex education stems from the belief that girls deserve an environment tailored to their unique needs and aspirations. In our all-girls setting, students are free to express themselves authentically, pursue their passions without inhibition, and develop strong bonds of friendship and support that last a lifetime.

Promoting a supportive, inclusive environment

Central to our mission is the creation of a supportive and inclusive environment where every girl feels valued and respected. Our school and staff are dedicated to nurturing a culture of acceptance and understanding, where differences are celebrated and individual voices are heard. Through diverse student-led clubs and organisations, we actively foster empathy, compassion, and social awareness among our students.

Offering a relevant and engaging curriculum

At St. Augustine’s Priory, we understand the importance of providing a curriculum that is not only rigorous and challenging but also relevant and engaging for girls.

Our academic programmes are designed to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a love of learning. We teach our girls about how female saints are role models for today; STEM initiatives and a broad arts and humanities curriculum; a healthy PSHEE course throughout the years. With a diverse range of courses, we encourage girls to explore their interests, expand their horizons, and reach their full potential.

Plus, the data shows that students in single-sex schools outperform those in co-ed schools. Girls in girls’ schools in particular continue to perform better than students in co-ed schools across all schools, and also when looking at independent schools versus mainstream schools.

We know that academic excellence at St. Augustine’s Priory is supported by the supportive, single-sex environment that cultivates high achievers.

Addressing gender stereotypes

In a world where gender stereotypes still persist, we are committed to challenging outdated notions and empowering girls to defy expectations. Through classroom discussions, extracurricular activities, and guest speaker events, we encourage girls to explore non-traditional fields, pursue leadership roles, and embrace their unique identities. By dismantling stereotypes and fostering a culture of inclusivity, we help students to chart their own paths and pursue their dreams without limitations.

Supporting girls’ confidence and self-esteem

Building confidence and self-esteem is essential for girls to succeed in school and beyond.

At St. Augustine’s Priory, we prioritise the social and emotional well-being of our students, providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive.

In our warm community, different year groups know each other. Our Sixth Formers are trained in listening. We use the Girls on Board programme to help girls sail through friendships with skills for life. Our co-curricular programme provides for the most gregarious, to the child who is happy in her own company.

Through mentorship programmes, leadership opportunities, and personalised guidance, we inspire girls to believe in themselves, advocate for their needs, and navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace.

Addressing barriers to education

We recognise that access to education is not always equitable, especially for girls from marginalised communities. That’s why we are committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that every girl has the opportunity to receive a quality education. Through scholarships, bursaries, and community outreach initiatives, we strive to make education accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic background or circumstance.

Providing comprehensive sexuality education

Empowering girls means equipping them with the knowledge and resources to make informed choices about their bodies, health, and relationships. At St. Augustine’s Priory, we provide comprehensive sexuality education, informed by our Catholic values of prioritising the family, that goes beyond the basics, addressing topics such as consent and reproductive health. By fostering open dialogue and promoting healthy attitudes towards sexuality, we help girls to make choices that align with their values and beliefs.

Engaging parents and communities

We believe that education is a partnership between school, parents, and the broader community. That’s why we actively involve parents in their daughters’ educational journey, offering opportunities for collaboration, communication, and involvement.

Through parentteacher conferences, workshops, and volunteer programmes, we encourage parents to play an active role in supporting their daughters’ academic and personal growth. Additionally, we engage with local organisations and community leaders to create a network of support that extends beyond the school walls.

Study at St. Augustine’s Priory

We have been educating girls since 1634 when the school was founded in Paris.

Our founding story gives us a mission to make sure that our girls are provided with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to excel. Our students are brave, principled, and agile in the face of change – we believe, because of our way of teaching, instilling values of truth and integrity.

Girls here are free to be themselves. They are caring, innovative, and ready to change the world. We invite parents and students to join us on this journey, and together, we can carve out a future where every girl has the opportunity to succeed.

Our educational mission

We recognise the importance of providing a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures every aspect of a child’s development. We firmly believe in the benefits of single-sex education rather than alternative schools, as the environment allows girls to develop at their own pace and explore their interests without the constraints often associated with mainstream education.

Our curriculum, from nursery to sixth form, is designed to address developmental milestones as each child grows, and cater to mixed abilities, with the support of dedicated teachers, pastoral care, and teaching assistants who understand the unique needs of each student.

To us, inclusive education means ensuring that children develop empathy, respect, and acceptance for others. Additionally, we work closely with parents and, when necessary, a child’s doctor to provide special educational support, ensuring that every child grows and thrives academically, socially, and emotionally.