Tuition Fees Summer Term 2020    

The Board of Governors has approved a discount for tuition fees for the Summer Term 2020 and has also established a Hardship Grant. Parents who apply for the Hardship Grant are required to demonstrate loss of income caused by the current crisis. They should contact Mrs Vymeris in the Bursary (gvymeris@sapriory.com) for more information.

Fees for the Summer Term 2020 have been discounted as follows:

  • Nursery – 100%
  • Prep I to Prep III – 30%
  • Lower I to Upper VI – 10%

Senior Department: £4,920 per term
Junior Department: £4,110 per term
Preparatory Department: £2,091  term made up of:
with 15 Free Hours Additional Services £635 and Additional Hours £1,456 per term
Nursery Nursery fees will not be charged as the Nursery will be closed until school buildings are permitted to re-open

Where a child qualifies for Ealing Council’s 15 free hours standard provision during those hours is free but the school provides additional chargeable services during those hours.   Additional hours are charged separately. Both charges are applicable.

For reference for the fees prior to the discount for the Summer Term, agreed by the Board of Governors, please click on the Tuition Fees for the Academic Year 2019/2020 .

Invoices and Payments

A term’s fees are due on the first day of term.

Monthly Direct Debits will be collected on, or soon after the first day of May, June and July.

Extras  for collection by direct debit will be collected during the week commencing 27th April.  These will primarily be for trips, clubs and other activities participated in during the Lent Term.

Termly fees for collection by direct debit will be collected during the week commencing 27th April.

Notice Periods

Our policies regarding the payment of fees and deposits are set out in the School’s Parent Contract document, available on this website.  A term’s notice in writing is required to discontinue optional subjects.

Sibling Discount

A discount is awarded to siblings of pupils at St Augustine’s Priory. The discount is as follows:

2nd child 7.5%
3rd child 12.5%
4th child 20%
5th child 100%


Bank Details
Bank Barclays
Sort Code 20-00-00
Account No. 03589781
Account Name St. Augustine’s Priory
Transfers from Non-UK Bank Accounts
International Bank Account No. GB20 BARC 2000 0003 5897 81
Branch Identifier Code BARCGB22
Contact Details

Mrs G Vymeris, Assistant Bursar
Tel 0208 991 7501
Email: GVymeris@sapriory.com