Form III authors and Prep II

Posted: 30th June 2022

Picture Books shared.

Prep II joined with Form III this week as the Form III pupils read to their younger friends from picture books they had written and illustrated.

Mrs King, English Department, explains:

‘Form III entered a competition to design a picture book organised by ReadingZone.  Form III rose to the challenge and the Editor of ReadingZone had some wonderful things to say about our pupils’ competition entries.  The girls’ imaginations roamed widely – subject matter ranged  from stories about a  girl from Ukraine learning to settle into her new home, magical toys, getting lost, journeying to new places, travelling to the stars.  I am delighted to say that one of the books, ‘The Adventures of Pip the Penguin’, was shortlisted for a prize – a selection of books for our school library.


On Tuesday 28th June, some of the Form III girls read their storybooks to Prep II in the Prep Meadow at lunchtime. They took care to use lots of expression and really brought their stories to life with their lively and enthusiastic reading. The Prep II girls listened with great concentration and gave very positive feedback. They said they really enjoyed listening to the stories.’

Congratulations to all who entered the ReadingZone competition.  This is what Caroline Horn, Editor of ReadingZone, had to say about our authors’ work:

‘Thank you so much for sending your students’ gorgeous picture book entries to the ReadingZone Picture Book Competition 2022. Our judges have really enjoyed reading them.

These are great individual and paired efforts and we would like to congratulate all your students in making their picture books. Picture books demand planning, imagination and a good layout with images, too – and your students have each succeeded in creating thoughtful stories with lively, colourful illustrations.  We enjoyed the wide range of subjects they covered, from myths about the stars to journeys and friendships.

Our judges enjoyed each of your picture book entries, each of which has its strengths; the clear storytelling and lovely hand drawn illustrations in The Adventure of Pip the Penguin; learning about the stars in The Golden Reeds of Sparti, and the high standard of digital illustration; all the information teaching readers about Diwali in Homecoming; the lively illustrations in Don the Lonely Dinosaur; and the strong storytelling in Three Friends and the Magical Necklaces (although picture books traditionally have much shorter text). The judges also enjoyed The Curious Incident of Alice’s Journey, including the balance of text to illustration and the repeated refrain through the story.

I am delighted to let you know that The Adventure of Pip the Penguin was shortlisted by the judges for the Secondary Category of the ReadingZone Picture Book Competition. Congratulations to the students on their achievement.’




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