Upper VI poetry

Posted: 23rd May 2022

Core R.E. creative writing.

Before Upper VI departed for study leave and A Levels, teacher of R.E., Mrs Flannelly, set them the task of finding an image of their choice – on the Earth or in space.  The pupils were then asked to write a short piece of creative writing to accompany the image, with the theme of ‘Why does this exist’?  Upper VI were to think philosophically about the existence of awe and wonder about inspiring objects in creation.  They were also tasked, as this was part of Core R.E., to try to incorporate elements of scientific and/or Catholic viewpoints.

Here are some of the results:

THE SWIFT by Sennen

Dead eyes, square walls, black faith, time culled

In the bright dappled light, it flew in pieces through my life

In my eyes I heard your call, yet in my mind your image stalled

I couldn’t see, but I did know, it was not real but can be so

So, get up, walk stiff towards great majesties cliff

Let pull the natural fall, when curiosity calls

In what you are I am immersed, is it me that I can see

When understanding stares right back and comprehension hits you, smack

What is this, I know your name, I’ve read your books from reckoned fame

What is this I knew before but till I saw, I could not awe.

TULIPS by Melissa and Emily

On the third day flowers bloomed on earth,

A miracle some would say.

A symbol of new life and prosperity,

Created in the image of God.

Diverse in many shapes and forms,

The colours make people stare in awe.

It’s the source of all true art and all science

As Einstein would say.

From the stem to the petals,

Biological processes give them life,

A wonderful creation

For humanity to cherish.


THE WILLOW TREE by Naina and Mariam

Each branch hanging down like rainfall, with the leaves being the raindrops.

As the sun shines through the curtain of greenery, you see the shifts in colours of the leaves.

Each breeze sways the dangling branches from side to side.

This wonderful beauty is the symbol of the circle of life, we cannot live without it.

There is an immense amount of awe when looking at this giant gentle tree.

God created an AWEsome tree

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