Upper IV’s encounter with a world champion

Posted: 28th April 2022

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Upper IV took part in their practice expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award last Sunday, 24th April, when they explored the area around St Albans, walking 19 – 20 kilometres.  It was a warm and sunny day and the girls were divided into groups comprising six or seven girls in each group.

Towards the end of the day one group of girls needed to use a bathroom and discovered a pub where they hoped to be able to use the facilities.  But the doors were locked!  The need for a bathroom break was urgent.

As Niamh, Isabella and Isobel tell the story, they looked through the windows and who should they see but boxer Tyson Fury, fresh from his win on Saturday 24th April at Wembley, where he successfully defended his WBC title.  He was with his family and friends and enjoying a well-deserved rest!

Tyson Fury saw the girls and came outside where he was happy to chat and be photographed.  One of the members of the group said, ‘Tyson Fury was really tall (he is 6 feet 9 inches tall) and was very kind and nice to us’.

Even with this unexpected encounter, this group (the only one to meet Mr Fury) made it first to the finish, obviously inspired by their meeting with a world champion!

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