Prep II and Prep III visit Odds Farm

Posted: 28th April 2022

Meeting new friends!

On Tuesday 26th April, Prep II and Prep III visited Odds Farm in Buckinghamshire.  We rejoice in having a farm at St Augustine’s Priory which has sheep, chickens and ducks, but Odds Farm also has goats, cows, pigs and rabbits and a wide variety of sheep breeds.  The implications for cross-curricular learning, involving Geography and Science was a wonderful opportunity for the girls and they enjoyed the day to the full.


Miss Algar, Form Teacher for Prep III, had this to say:  ‘Prep II and Prep III girls learned how cows are milked and what we use that milk for. We watched a cow being milked and were even able to give her a little pat. We also had a chance to feed some really hungry goats and sheep. We bottle fed kid goats – they were really hungry! We also petted some rabbits. We had a tractor ride around the farm where we saw all the animals grazing and resting in the fields.’

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