Beginning the Summer Term

Posted: 20th April 2022

Lower II in the Prayer Garden.

Today at St Augustine’s Priory we celebrated the beginning of the Summer Term with two Masses, celebrated for us by Fr Thomas.

Mrs Round, Form Teacher Lower IIA, tells us how, in addition, Lower II celebrated the beginning of the Summer Term at St Augustine’s Priory.


‘Lower II were happy to be in the Prayer Garden on a beautiful spring day for their pupil-led collective worship. The girls leading the worship had selected the scripture reading:  Isaiah 59: 1-11, which is about choosing well:

“You are like a light that shines in the dark; you never know when someone will be cheered up.” The mission they gave us was to take charge of our decisions and not to simply copy the decisions of others.

Melita and Ariana wrote: ” I think that Ava’s and Naya’s collective worship helped us to get closer to God and it felt really calm.”’

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