Intermediate Maths Challenge

Posted: 4th April 2022

Upper IV – Upper V winners.

Albert Einstein said, ‘Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas’.

At St Augustine’s Priory, poetry, in all its guises, is valued and encouraged.  Mrs Bennet, Head of Mathsematics, encourages the love of Mathematics by regularly entering students from Upper II upwards in the Maths Challenges organised by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, the organisation which advances the education of young people in mathematics.

Upper IV to Upper V pupils recently sat the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge and Mrs Bennet, Head of Maths,  was delighted to announce that our winners in this were the following:

In Upper V, Sophie and Helen were awarded Silver with Bronze awarded to Stella, Melanie, Ionela, Mattie, Elodie, Julia, Freya and Isabella.


In Lower V, Maria achieved Silver and Mia, Isabel, Gabriella, Gina and Monique were awarded Bronze.

Riko in Upper IV was awarded Gold and is also the Best in School.  Also in Upper IV, Natalie, Gayatri and Maho were awarded Silver.  Bronze went to Natania, Zahra, Laxmi, Ivy and Sienna.

Riko, Natalie, Gayatri and Maho all qualify for the Grey Kangaroo (the Year 9 European Challenge).  Many congratulations to all our award winners and talented mathematicians.

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