Teacher of The Week

Posted: 29th March 2022

Miss K Wiley.

We subscribe to ‘The Week Junior’ at St Augustine’s Priory and this magazine is available for pupils to read, either in the Scriptorium or in classrooms.  ‘The Week Junior’ is a stimulating and educational magazine that covers news stories from around the world, national, Science and Technology news, and, among many other items, articles about the environment and topical debates.

There is also a section entitled ‘Teacher of the Week’ and imagine our delight when we discovered that in the issue of ‘The Week Junior’ of 19th March that our very own Miss Wiley, Form Teacher of Upper I, is the featured ‘Teacher of the Week’!

Summer in Upper I nominated Miss Wiley, saying these lovely things, “I would like to nominate Miss Wiley because she helps resolve friendship problems.  She makes learning fun and is a very good listener.  She also makes the ICT club enjoyable and captivating!”

Thank you, Summer, for nominating Miss Wiley for this honour and your beautiful comments about her and many congratulations to Miss Wiley on this great and well-deserved achievement!


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