Art and R.E.

Posted: 3rd March 2022

Creating Space.

Over the last two thousand years there have been a multitude of images of Jesus created in art, and here Freya in Form III examines one such painting in this essay, taking to heart our year’s theme of ‘Creating Space’:

‘One of the reasons I chose this picture is because of the fabulous colours. I think this is an eye – catching image because of the beauty and the bright colours. There are lots of different colours in this image like yellow.

This colour is used to show happiness while the dark blue is used to show the space around us. The colours create a magical feel and the brightness of them show how Jesus is the light of our world.

Another reason I chose this picture is because the symbols in this picture are spectacular. It includes such things as the trinity, (representing the unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons), the world (representing God’s creation) and the lamb (representing the lamb of God). There is also Mary (Jesus’ mother).

I think the aim of this artist is to show all aspects of Jesus and the different parts of his life. This image is a picture that speaks a million words.  The mood of this piece of artwork is vibrant, merry, peaceful, imaginative and very creative. Looking at this picture gives you such a happy feeling.’

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