The Priory Farm welcomes visitors

Posted: 4th February 2022

Local School guest.

On Tuesday 1st February we were delighted to welcome some Year 5 pupils from North Ealing Primary School who came to visit the Priory Farm.  Accompanied by their teachers, the children spent the morning being shown the farm and its inhabitants by Mr Raffray.


Beginning with the ducks and the chickens, Mr Raffray explained all about their lives, such as what they liked to eat, where they slept and how they spent their days.  He then opened the door to the duck enclosure and the ducks all trooped out, ready for a waddle around the farm!

The sheep were next on the list to be visited and all the children were very interested in learning all about them.  Mr Raffray was delighted to respond to all their enquiries and, after a very productive visit, our guests enjoyed some refreshments in the Prep Meadow.

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