Celebrating Building the Kingdom

Posted: 14th January 2022

Creating space for our Common Good.

The start of the Lent Term 2022 was marked with a day dedicated to celebrating ‘Building the Kingdom’ of God.  From Nursery to Upper II, pupils examined the Holy Family’s Flight into Egypt and looked at the plight of refugees in our world and Christ’s early life as a refugee.


They took part in several activities:  looking at customs from around the world, viewing two paintings, La Sagrada Familia by Kelly Latimer and The Flight into Egypt by Vittore Carpaccio, and debated and discussed the topic, ‘Does Our Behaviour Matter?’ The EYFS took part in a role-play around the Flight into Egypt, while Key Stage One studied what refugees take on their journey with Refugee Rucksacks.  Upper Key Stage Two saw how away from the manger, Christ is the Refugee King and composed their own poems on this topic.  In addition, each class also took it in turns to visit the Chapel to create star wishes for people around the world.

This was a wonderful way for the Juniors, Preps and Nursery to think about those who are compelled to flee their homes and share their own thoughts through prayer, art and poetry.

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