Upper IV poem on St Joseph

Posted: 21st December 2021

Diocese of Westminster Poetry Competition.

Ms Corkery, Head of RE, here tells us of the achievement of Niamh in Upper IV.  ‘Niamh in UIV Aleph recently entered the Diocese of Westminster Poetry Competition:  ‘Year of St Joseph 2021 – With a Father’s Heart Poetry Competition 2021’.

St Joseph was the theme for the poetry competition to honour The Year of St. Joseph which took place from 8th December 2020 to 8th December 2021. For the competition, students were encouraged to incorporate themes such as: welcome, journey, migrants and diversity. As we come ever closer to Christmas, Niamh’s poem encourages us to remember Joseph’s role in salvation history. Niamh’s poem is beautifully crafted, embedding her knowledge of the biblical stories of Jesus’ birth from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.’

We are delighted to produce Niamh’s poem here:

Joseph – Carpenter, Craftsman, husband

Carpenter, craftsman, husband

Jesus’ earthly father

His task just as important as Mary’s

Now known as a saint

The universal church, fathers, immigrants, craftsmen, engineers and working people

He is their patron

Carpenter, craftsman, husband

Visited by the angel to hear his mission

Looked after his wife and her unborn child

Protected his family

Did God’s will

Carpenter, Craftsman, husband

Took his family into Egypt

To keep them safe from harm

Herod wanted the son of man dead

Joseph continued on his mission

Carpenter, craftsman, husband

Came back to Nazareth with a son

Taught him the family trade

Welcomed him into his home

Even though he wasn’t his

Carpenter, craftsman, husband

He followed God’s word

Protected his family

Put them first

Looked after Jesus

Looked after Mary

Did God’s will

To view Niamh’s poem and the other entries, please go to https://education.rcdow.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/St-Joseph-Poetry-Competition-final.pdf


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