Upper II visit Lincolnsfield

Posted: 3rd December 2021

Back into the past.

Miss Carroll reports on the historical adventure of Upper II this week when they visited Lincolnsfield Centre:

‘On Wednesday 1st December, Upper II stepped into the past with a visit to the Lincolnsfield Centre in Bushey where they experienced life as an evacuee during World War II. Dressed in their finest 1940s outfits, the tour started in the Village Hall school room where the girls learnt about the extreme methods of discipline that children at that time would have experienced. Following that, the girls visited a 1940s garden, full of vegetables, which would have been grown to supplement the limited rations during the war and, of course, an Anderson Shelter, complete with a chamber pot (much to the girls’ disgust)!


Whilst visiting an authentic air raid shelter, the air raid siren sounded and we all rushed in whilst the sound of planes and dropping bombs could be heard overhead. After that, we explored the wonderful artefacts in the museum, including an assortment of artillery and a typical soldier’s haversack, which was extremely heavy! Finally, the girls spent some time in the ‘1940s house’ where some girls were ‘lucky’ enough to wash an item of clothing by hand, using a scrubbing board before putting it through the wringer.  We saw some 1940s clothing, including a scarf made out of a whole ferret which was probably the most alarming thing the girls experienced during the whole trip!’


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