Form III and Religious Studies

Posted: 14th October 2021

The Holy Trinity.

Mr Ferguson, Religious Studies teacher, has recently been leading Form III in their work on the Holy Trinity.  One of the pieces of work he was impressed by was Eloise’s and we would like to share it with you,

‘Catholics believe in a triune God.  This means that God’s essence is within three individual persons, Jesus the Son, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit.  These three persons are unified by love.  All of the Trinity is eternal, the Alpha and Omega.  Jesus in the beginning was the Word and ‘The Word became flesh’ when Jesus was gifted to Mary to raise.  This makes Jesus the only begotten Son of God (begotten, not made).  This means that Jesus is the only person born of a mortal mother and immortal father.  There is only one God, but the essence is within three individual persons.  An example is how h20 is ice, water and vapour, they are all h20 but water is not ice and ice is not steam.  This also applies to the Holy Trinity.  God is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, yet the Father is not the Son and the Son is not the Holy Spirit.  They are united by their essence and mind.  They are the Largest Mystery.

When entering the Chapel at St Augustine’s, you should make the Sign of the Cross.  To do this you need to touch your forehead with your right hand, then your chest and lastly your left and then right shoulder.  While doing this, you must say the words, ‘In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen’.  If you are wondering why, this is the answer.  We make the Sign of the Cross because it reminds us of how Jesus died on the cross for us.  This shows that we are the children of God and know God’s plan for us should help shape our lives.  While making the Sign of the Cross, you need to focus.  While touching your head, you need to remember this will take attention and thinking.  When touching your chest, you need to remember you must be kind, loving and use your heart.  When touching your shoulders, you must know you need to put strength and effort into this.  So, doing the Sign of the Cross takes up all of you.  Just like love should take up all of you.

Another important idea is how the Trinity (displayed within the Sign of the Cross) is united by love.  Just like how a community, a school or a family should be.  So, it is also a reminder to be loving to everyone for you are all part of the family of God.  Next time you enter the Chapel at St Augustine’s, make the Sign of the Cross as a thank you to God’.

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