Olympiad News

Posted: 22nd September 2021

Mathematical achievements.

Mrs Bennet, Head of Mathematics, is the bearer of some wonderful mathematical news.

‘The Covid-19 pandemic impacted our lives in many ways. The closure of the University of Leeds, which you would not normally expect to affect Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils here, changed the way that the UKMT Maths Challenges were set and marked.  In most cases, pupils up and down the country were allowed to sit the challenges online, with online marking, but in the case of the Olympiad this simply was not possible.  The Olympiad papers are fully written papers, with marks not just awarded for the answer, but for the way the solutions are presented with mathematical communication, rigour and proof being at the top of the requirements.  The Intermediate Olympiad paper from summer 2020 had to stay locked away in the University for many many months waiting for staff to return and for those staff to be able to read and assess the entries.

One of our pupils, Maki, left our school to return to Japan in 2020 having qualified for the Intermediate Olympiad shortly before she departed.  There was great excitement when the results were finally released nearly a year after submission, and it was revealed that Maki achieved the highest grade possible, Distinction.

Further success followed with Mana and Riko (who is now in Upper IV) qualifying in 2021 for the Intermediate and Junior Olympiads.  The level of mathematical ability required, just to qualify for the Olympiad, is exceptionally high.  Mana received a certificate of participation and Riko achieved Merit.

We can only wonder at what lies ahead for these exceptionally talented pupils.’

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