Lower IV Authors

Posted: 17th September 2021

Silly Summer Stories.

What to do with the summer holidays coming up?  If you are anything like Esinam and Anaya (then in Form III) you will decide to enter a writing competition.  Not only did they enter, they are now published authors!  ‘Silly Summer Stories, An Anthology by Young Authors’ was published in August and contains ‘a collection of stories by talented young authors’.  The publishers, CAAB Publishing, go on to say, ‘Some will be full of adventure, suspense, or just lots of fun’.

Anaya’s story, ‘I’ve Been Saved by Summer’, contrasts a past idyllic summer in the country with a new life in the scorching city.  But hope beckons…

Esinam’s story, ‘Eternal Summer’, on the other hand, takes the form of diary entries and looks back on the fun to be had in the busy city.  Can country life live up to this?

Two contrasting tales dealing with similar themes of adjustment, change and new homes.

Anaya commented, ‘It showed me what I could do as a writer’.  We wish both Esinam and Anaya further success with their writing in the years ahead and look forward to reading some more!

Silly Summer Stories is available from Waterstones at the price of £13.99

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