Priory Sixth aims high

Posted: 16th September 2021

Building teams.

The first week of term saw Priory Sixth have an adventurous time at the Stubbers Adventure Centre:  Our Head Girl, Siya, reports:

‘From 8th-10th of September, Priory Sixth went on a residential trip to Stubbers Adventure Centre. We participated in lots of exciting activities which included banana boating, archery, dirt boarding, high ropes and laser combat (even the teachers took part!). This was a fantastic opportunity for us to be ourselves and to get to know our peers and teachers. There were three days of adventure, facing our fears and uncontrollable laughter and I’m sure that screams of certain students when on the banana boats and high ropes could be heard all the way back in Ealing.


The highlights of my experience included: late rivalry in laser combat with Mrs Hales, Mr Murphy falling off the banana boat multiple times and finally having Mrs McDermott as a super fun group leader. But once the days finished, the nights started and so did the dancing and singing (well more liked screeching).

Overall it was a great team building experience and Priory Sixth bonding experience and we all came back with so many amazing memories.

Maryam commented, “one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever had”, while Cyrus said, “being slapped by limbs and water during banana-boating was an awakening experience”.  Anna reported that, “it was so much fun that I came back speechless…literally!!”  while Simran said “the most exhilarating team bonding experience-including being flipped off banana boats together”.  Vanshika contributed, “it was a unique way to connect with people, especially the teachers” and Mariam owned to a great sense of achievement when she, “Loved the feeling of hitting the bullseye in archery”.’

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