STEM Week for Juniors and Preps (Part II)

Posted: 9th July 2021

The Little House of Science workshops.

The last week of June was the STEM Week for Juniors and Preps.  A festival of science, technology, engineering and Mathematics (excellent workshops on Maths called the Subject Revolution – as in previous article).

Mrs Round reports, ‘Several workshops were run by The Little House of Science. Younger year groups learned about ‘Rewilding Nature’ and the impact of humans on ecosystems. They made bee bombs – a mixture of dough and soil filled with wild flower seeds, which they will throw into our wild garden area to let nature do its stuff – better than we humans can do it!

Older year groups studied Green Engineering, and learned about how greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, caused through pollution and agriculture, contribute to global warming.’

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