Lower IV inspired

Posted: 9th July 2021

REACH Next Generation Summit.

At the end of June four Lower IV girls attended the Reach Next Generation Summit, an event designed to advise, inform and empower.  Sienna, Solaris, Zara G and Molly O (together with Molly’s sister Nancy from Upper II) heard inspirational women leaders speak, including the President of the Law Society, Stephanie Boyce.  This was a wonderful opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow to hear and learn from the leaders of today.

Sienna writes, ‘I recently attended the Reach Girls Summit and I learnt so much from it. My favourite part of the day was a talk given by a lady called Stephanie Boyce who is the first ever person of colour to be elected president of the Law Society of England and Wales. It took her four attempts to reach this position which shows her dedication and perseverance. She said herself, “The moral of my story is one of determination, resilience and a burning desire to be everything they said I couldn’t.” There were also numerous speakers who asked us to think about our future and where we would be in a few years’ time. This helped me to think about what I would like to achieve in the future and some of my potential career options. I really enjoyed this event, so if there is another Reach Girls Summit, I would definitely recommend going.’

Solaris adds, ‘This event was very inspiring, the people who were there were talking to us about confidence and careers. They gave us more ideas about what we want to do with our lives and how to make it easier by having a better mind-set, and we all made lots of new friends, and enjoyed ourselves very much. It was very entertaining and the people hosting the event were very welcoming and friendly.’

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