Form III theological essay

Posted: 8th July 2021

‘Highly Commended’.

Ms Corkery, Head of R.E., is delighted to announce the following great news, ‘Hijiri in Form III has been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the Independent Schools Religious Studies Association’s Theology, Philosophy and Religious Essay Competition with her essay, ‘A religious building must only be used for worship’.

We here produce Hijiri’s essay which we know that you will find of interest.

‘Some would disagree that ‘A religious building must only be used for worship.’  Nevertheless, some people would agree with the opinion and I will explain why. First, some claim that religious buildings should not be used for businesses or any other unrightful reasons as their God told them not to. For example, in Christianity, when Jesus found the temple embezzled and rampant with duping tax-collectors and merchants, he got exasperated and ravaged everything such as the sacrifices. This is because the temple is God’s house and it should stay holy and not stained by swindling businesses, supported by his quote, “My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you make it a den of robbers.” To turn such sacred places should not be justified and will not be justified.

Secondly, religious buildings built by the ancestors should not be used for actions other than worshiping as those buildings strengthen the local communities’ bond. For instance, when there are tough times like a pandemic or financial devastation, people can come together and help each other. To achieve this, there will have to be a place where all their ancestors had also come together in the past and let God lead us to the light. Plus, some churches provide peaceful reflection times and support for the poor such as food banks. However, if used for other purposes, the local communities will succumb from pressures of poverty and will collapse.

On the other hand, some state that bringing businesses to religious buildings will give win-win relationships between both the company and the beneficiaries. For example, welcoming tourists would obviously benefit the company but so will the local communities. These are the only few cases: better infrastructures, higher employment rate, and stimulation of the local economy. In addition, we always must stretch out our hands for the unfortunate ones to help them and providing them such as a potential job would change their lives.

In conclusion, some will argue that using a religious building for occasions like businesses can be justified but some will not and I personally believe that it should not be justified to do so, but either way is rightful.’

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