Senior Sports Day

Posted: 24th June 2021

A record-breaking year.

The atmosphere during Senior Sports Day is always incredible and this year was no different as Seniors and staff gathered on Wednesday 16th June to compete and to spectate.  And this year was a record breaker!  Records were broken from Form III to Lower V in the 200m, 300m, 800m, the high jump, long jump, javelin and relay!  This was quite an astonishing feat – many congratulations to all our record breakers and all our competitors for a wonderful afternoon of sport.

The competition was fierce and the results demonstrate that the Houses were very close indeed, but St Michael gained a well-deserved victory with 980 points.  The full House results were:

1st Place – St Michael – 980 points

2nd Place – St Gabriel – 787 points

3rd Place – St George – 781 points

4th Place – St Raphael – 740 points

Olivia, Lower V, who broke three individual records in the 200m and the 800m and the high jump was awarded the Victor Ludorum trophy, a great achievement.

Simona, Lower V, who broke the Lower V javelin record this year, tells us of her experience,

‘Sports Day was amazing. It was so great to be there and compete, this year’s felt even more special as we couldn’t have one last year. As a pupil who loves sports, this day is always exciting yet it was even better given that St Michael’s House won!! Even though it was a beautiful day it was very challenging to run several track races but it’s always good to be challenged. Another significant aspect of Sports Say is cheering on your House members no matter their year group as it brings us together as a senior school.’

The P.E. Department organised the ran the day with the expertise for which they are known.  This was a wonderful day of sport, and one to be remembered.

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