Lower IVA’s Pilgrimage

Posted: 18th June 2021

‘A Priory Pilgrimage’.

‘The Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the most famous books in the English language.  Written at the end of the fourteenth century, this collection of 24 stories tells of a group of motley pilgrims as they journey to Canterbury.  The tales give a, sometimes not very flattering, but extremely insightful glimpse into English society of that time.

In 2021, Lower IV have put together their own version of The Canterbury Tales, produced during their English lessons.  Called ‘A Priory Pilgrimage’, like Chaucer they have peopled their stories with a variety of pilgrims en route to Canterbury.  Full of insight, wit and compassion, in Lower IV’s pilgrimage we meet, among others,  teachers, a clown, a newsagent, a doctor, a singer, a comedian and even a politician.

This book is well worth reading, enjoying and going back to, to enjoy some more.  Please go to https://www.sapriory.com/priory-pilgrimage/ where you will be able to accompany Lower IV’s pilgrims as they journey on their twenty-first century Priory Pilgrimage.

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