UKMT Junior Maths Challenge

Posted: 11th June 2021

Upper II to Lower IV winners.

Just before Half Term Mrs Bennet received the wonderful news of our latest Mathematical achievements.  This year’s national competition, the Junior Maths Challenge, run by the UK Mathematics Trust, is aimed at the Form III and Lower IV age group but, as always, we encourage girls from Upper II to enter.  The result was a crop of gold, silver and bronze awards ranging throughout Upper II, Form II and Lower IV.

Congratulations to all our Mathematicians on their awards:

Gold:  Sachika and Rin (Upper II), Rawan and Haruka (Form III), Riko, Tamara and Natalie (Lower IV).  Riko wins through to the next round, the Olympiad.


Silver:  Homare (Form III) and Gayatri (Lower IV).

Bronze: Aline (Upper II), Hijiri, Sunny, Hangma, Mia, Clara, Mylla and Arianna (Form III), Amani, Sienna, Regine, Natania, Yasmin, Evie, Fernanda and Lucia (Lower IV).

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