Lower IV Scholars present

Posted: 11th June 2021

A range of subjects.

The topics covered in the presentations made by our scholars are always diverse and thought-provoking and here Mr Elder reports on the most recent presentations made by our Lower IV Scholars just before Half Term.

‘The Lower IV Scholars met at the end of the last Half Term and we had some very interesting presentations.  Firstly, Lucia spoke on the subject of how animals can help with wellbeing. We know that animals, such as guide dogs and hearing dogs are invaluable, but Lucia brought our attention to the way schools and hospitals are using animals to help make people feel better. We watched a lovely short film about a horse (yes, a horse!) going into a hospital so that patients can spend time in its company and, as a consequence, they feel uplifted, and recovery is hastened.

The presentation led to us discussing how the school’s Priory Farm acts as an aid to wellbeing in our community – perhaps the next step is to bring an animal into the school. Or should we have a St Augustine’s Priory dog to help us through the term?

On a completely different note (pun intended), Natalie spoke about the Eurovision Song Contest, exploring the political machinations of voting and making us ponder the UK’s dismal showing. Perhaps Dr Higgins can set his students the task of writing a winning entry! We also touched on the predominance of English as the language used in the entries, wishing that countries would champion their own language more fully, and reflecting on the homogenisation of the media.’

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