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Posted: 11th June 2021

The Inclusion Committee.

We have received some wonderful applications from pupils eager to join the St Augustine’s Priory Inclusion Committee, which will focus on all aspects of inclusion and is part of our membership of the Schools Inclusion Alliance.

We thought we would share with you extracts from some of the applications – inspiring comments which show a foretaste of the enthusiasm, energy and thoughtfulness the Inclusion Committee will bring to the life of St Augustine’s Priory.

Anaya, Form IIIA says, ‘I would love to be a member because I like to make sure that everyone is in an environment that makes them feel comfortable on matter where they are from, their religion or race’.

Salma, Form III Alpha, commented, ‘Everyone should have their freedom,’ while Zara, Lower IV said, ‘this committee requires someone who is willing to listen to others’, and Regine, also from Lower IV, adds, ‘It is a priority that everyone feels belonged to our lovely school, that no one is left out because of their skin colour’, Shriya, Lower IV, raises the important point, ‘I think I could bring different views on subjects and bring light to the struggles of being a young Indian woman’.

Gabriella, Upper IVA, emphasises, ‘I strongly feel that we should encourage students – more than ever – not to keep anxieties bottled up’ and Helena, Upper IV Alpha adds, ‘I have started reading the book ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge and … what disturbed me was the mistreatment of the soldiers from Commonwealth countries in WW2 and the UK’s history of racism and the lack of knowledge about it’.

Ireoluwa in Upper IV Aleph comments, ‘I think it is important that everyone has the right to contribute’, and Sofia in Lower VA agrees, ‘I believe that it is very important for everyone; no matter their age, gender, religion, sexuality or background, should be heard and represented on this committee’.

Naomi from Lower V Alpha adds, ‘I think that it is time for us and society as a whole to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, but also to be more mindful of how our actions may affect others’.

Anna in Lower V said, ‘It is important to me to ensure our school become a more open and widely accepting community’.

Finally, Vanshika, Sanna, Prisha and Siya (Lower VI) summed it up in their application, ‘We want to be involved in ensuring that the school is an environment where all communities and types of people are represented.  We strongly believe that as a school we can work together to show our solidarity in supporting each other regardless of their backgrounds and beliefs, and we wish to help the school take the future steps to make this possible.’

We look forward to updating you on the Inclusion Committee in the weeks to come.

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