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Posted: 27th May 2021

Seniors and Poetry by Heart.

The Seniors have been enjoying a linguistic and literary Spring as they have discovered the richness of poetry.  Ms de Lahitte describes the competition that took place:

‘We had thirty-three entries to the ‘Modern Languages Poetry by Heart Senior Competition’ this year, a competition where students had to memorise a poem in Spanish, French or Russian and record themselves reciting it in front of the camera.

The judges, who were from the Modern Languages Department, nominated seven pupils; four who had learnt a Spanish poem and three who had learnt a French poem, for their wonderful performances.

There were five overall winners:  one who had learnt a poem in French, one a Russian poem and three who performed in Spanish.  All thirty-three entrants were awarded three points for their House, with the nominated entrants and the winners each receiving a certificate, two extra House points and a book.


The judges enormously enjoyed all the entries and congratulate the girls on their hard work and enthusiasm.

The winners were Arianna, Form III, for her performance of a French poem, Ilona (Form III), for her performance of a Russian poem and Mylla (Form III), Lucia (Lower IV) and Maia (Upper IV) for their performance of Spanish poetry.

The girls nominated for their performance of a Spanish poem were Ariana (Lower V), Ionela (Lower V), Olivia (Lower V) and Rachel (Upper IV).  Those girls nominated for their learning and delivery of a poem in French were Rose (Upper IV), Vinaya (Lower V) and Rachel (Upper IV).’

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