An exciting Half Term activity for Preps

Posted: 27th May 2021

‘Don’t Tell Grandma’

Exciting news from Amy Perry, our Ballet and Musical Theatre teacher, on a Half Term activity that we know everyone will enjoy.

Ms Perry is in rehearsals for a show which is on next week at the Chiswick Playhouse and many of her pupils are fans of the theatre and we know they – any many others – will want to go and see this show which Miss Perry and her sister have written, and in which they are performing!

It is a children’s show and is an hour long production, full of singing and dancing and escapism!


Ms Perry writes, ‘We’ve written it with the Prep age group in mind and it’s on at the Chiswick Playhouse, so very local!’

If you are interested in seeing Ms Perry perform, please go to

The Chiswick Playhouse’s website says, ‘Join two sisters who turn a trip to their Grandma’s into an all-singing, all-dancing adventure! Sneaking upstairs into the attic, the girls come across many exciting objects, family memories and let their fantasies run wild. Featuring many songs you’ll recognise for the whole family to enjoy, Don’t Tell Grandma is perfect family entertainment, full of imagination, fun, and two, not always perfectly behaved, sisters!

​Tickets per ticket are Adult: £15.00 and Child: £13.50’

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