Talking Careers

Posted: 14th May 2021

Following one’s dreams.

Mr Ferguson organised a fascinating Careers Talk this week while, simultaneously, our speaker’s daughter was also making a presentation!

‘Today, whilst his daughter was presenting to Mr Elder and her fellow Gifted & Talented scholars, Dr Carraretto Zoomed in to St Augustine’s Priory to speak to Lower V and Lower VI for a Careers Talk during PSHEE. As the Associate Director for Sustainable Resource Investments at the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, Dr Carraretto impressed our aspiring pupils with how far a Career in development can take you. Vanshika Sharma, who hosted the talk together with Siya Sehgal, commented that the talk was inspirational and really helpful in seeing how one could follow one’s dreams (as Dr Carraretto put it) and that this can not only lead to great success, but have an immense impact on the world around us.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has played a pivotal role in rebuilding sites, for example, in Chernobyl, as Dr Carraretto’s daughter effectively communicated in her presentation. This was a brilliant start to a Wednesday to say the least. Informative, inspirational and interesting. House Points were awarded to Giorgia and honorary ones to Dr Carraretto!’

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