Senior poets go global!

Posted: 30th April 2021

WWF Guianas and the love of the Earth.

Following on from the wonderful work that took place here last week to mark Earth Day, we are delighted to share with you the news that poetry composed by our Seniors has been published on the WWF Guianas website.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the most internationally known conservation organisations with branches throughout the world.  WWF Guianas is one of those branches.  Its website says, ‘From our humble beginnings with just 5 staff members in 1999, we grew into one of the most recognized and influential environmental NGOs in the Guianas. Our focus expanded from marine turtle conservation to large forest conservation programs to now an integrated approach that balances conservation and human well-being. This is also the focus of WWF International, as we strive to build a future in which humans can live in harmony with nature.’

When pupils at St Augustine’s Priory were shown the WWF ‘Love It or Lose It’ video by Mrs Eaton, Head of English, they were moved and inspired to write about their love for the planet Earth.

The WWF Guianas website goes on to say, ‘As they were just studying love poetry from medieval times through to modern day, they adopted this video about the fragility of and love for Earth as a perfect topic for their poems.’

Mrs Eaton commented, ‘I think it is a testament to how much they care about this planet to use Earth as the subject for their own poetry compositions. Our students used the ‘Love It or Lose It’ video from WWF as a contemporary stimulus for their own love poems and this gave rise to the Love Poems for the Earth Anthology.’

All the poets are in Upper IV, except for Giorgia, who is in Form III and Megan, who is in Lower V.  Congratulations to all our poets on their wonderful work.

Do please visit the WWF Guianas website to read and enjoy our poets’ beautiful compositions at

To whet your appetites, we here produce two our of the eleven poems – make sure you read the rest!

Love It or Lose It
By Sakura

Puffy clouds are scattered in the vast sky.
Birds of different kinds fly way up high.
Teeming with life, the ocean is clear blue,
And while sailing, land comes into view.

In countryside meadows, flowers sway.
Collecting them would make a pretty bouquet.
Trees in the forest look over the ground
And many different animals are found.

Suddenly, the sky turned grey and ashy
All because of human activity.
The sea turned into a giant dumpster.
Forests and fields disappeared altogether.

So, we need to take care of the earth,
To give love and attention it deserves.
We need to treasure all that if left here
And make sure nothing else disappears.

Open Your Eyes
By Mia

Open your eyes,
See what’s all around,
Look up and down from the nature, to animals, to the ground,
Be respectful to everything even the trees have feelings,
Open your eyes and live!

Open your eyes,
Have fun with your life,
Have fun with that animal that makes you laugh,
Let yourself drown in laughter,
Open your eyes and laugh!

Open your eyes,
Smile at someone new,
Laugh with someone new,
Laugh as if it’s a button you can’t switch off,
Enjoy the scenery of the earth like its your last day with someone new,
Open your eyes and love!

Open your eyes,
Take in the life around you,
Don’t take people for granted,
Make your life rain with positivity,
Our earth is melting away but we can save it in time,
Life is all about risk-taking,
So open your eyes and live, laugh, love!

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