Form III journalist

Posted: 30th April 2021

A record for our times.

Form III were given a challenge during lockdown – to make a journal detailing their lives during these new-normal times.  They rose to the challenge and we here showcase Salma’s journal which covers all aspects of her life during lockdown.  Her experiences and views are brought to life and the events in the wider world are highlighted and illustrated.

Salma writes, ‘When the school went into isolation towards January, we were tasked to make a lockdown journal. I didn’t intend to do much on it – just maybe talk about corona and Captain Tom as well as the US election. Instead, I ended up making a whole book about all of the events that happened and some extra things. In the making of this I ordered a scrapbook, and thought of the rainbow of the NHS and the black symbolising Black Lives Matter. Then I found some inspiring quotes. The whole task was meant to be as creative as possible and I came up with the best of my ability.’

Salma’s journal is a wonderful example of life during lockdown, a creation that speaks of the here and now to generations still to come.  Congratulations, Salma, on a joyous work of art.

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