Prep III, Upper II and Junior Assembly

Posted: 22nd April 2021

Restoring the Earth. 

Prep III were present in the Chapel for the Earth Day Junior Assembly on 22nd April, joined virtually by all other Junior classes.  Ms Keane led the Assembly, which focussed on what we can learn and contribute to the well-being of the planet earth.

What can we do to help the Earth?  This was the question that was asked and a short video featuring Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot was shown which told of the importance of protecting and restoring our planet and the necessity of funding required.


Following this, two members of Prep III shared with the rest of the Juniors things which make the planet happy and which things make the planet sad.   Under the sad column went such items as littering, factory smoke, water pollution, oil spills and car exhaust fumes.  On the happy side were planting trees, riding bicycles, picking up litter and recycling.  Prep III had even prepared a globe from which they had hung hearts labelled with all the things that would make the Earth happy.

The Upper II House Captains then came forward and told everyone about an exciting poetry competition, which they are hosting with prizes of certificates and merit, marks on offer to the winners.  Preps are also encouraged to enter.


Entrants are to compose an acrostic poem using either the word Deforestation, or Pollution or Climate Change going down the side.  The best entry from each house will be selected and they will then compete against each other by writing a two – four stanza poem about anything they believe would save the world.  From these poems the winners will be chosen.  All entries need to be either handwritten or typed with your name, class and school house at the top.

This Earth Day Assembly was an inspiring contribution to the debate on how to save the planet Earth and it was so encouraging to see so many enthusiastic people wanting to help.

As Ms Keane said, ‘Let’s make every day Earth Day!’

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