A resounding staff win!

Posted: 24th March 2021

Netball thrills.

The coming of the end of the Lent term was celebrated with a battle royal on Wednesday 24th March as senior pupils and staff took on each other in four lunchtime netball matches.  They were exciting matches, with thrills and skills to the fore as the astroturf filled with spectators from the Seniors ready to support their favoured sides.

The competitive spirit was alive and well with, in some cases, teachers showing unsuspected athletic skills.  The matches were well fought but, in the end, the staff were triumphant, winning all four matches.  The results were as follows:

Match 1:          5 – 2 to the staff,

Match 2:          8 – 3 to the staff,

Match 3:          5 – 1 to the staff, and

Match 4:          6 – 2 to the staff.



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