Lower IV speak loudly!

Posted: 18th March 2021

British Science Week 2021.

As part of British Science Week, Mr Kane, Head of Science, led Lower IV in the construction of speakers.  Mr Kane comments, ‘As part of their work in electromagnetism, the girls in Lower IV conducted research into the construction of speakers.  They came up with some excellent designs and constructed speakers, which they then successfully tested – always looking to improve on their initial design.  They also made posters explaining how the speakers worked.


The end results were excellent and the girls are able to use their speakers to listen to music on their devices.  I was particularly impressed by the determination of girls to alter their designed to improve the volume of sound delivered through the speakers.’

Among other activities in British Science Week, Lower V worked in teams to compete in several rounds including quiz rounds, solving puzzles combining their periodic table knowledge and their film trivia, and finally constructed and launched parachutes for eggs. A few eggs perished in the testing, but, overall, the parachutes constructed by the girls proved to be imaginative, and actually rather sturdy. The girls had great fun with their Science teachers competing in the Science games, and it was a wonderful way to welcome the girls back into the department.

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