Down Syndrome Awareness Week

Posted: 18th March 2021

World Down Syndrome Day 2021.

This week sees Down Syndrome Awareness Week in the UK, leading to World Down Syndrome Day on this coming Sunday, 21st March.  The date of 21st March (3/21) was chosen to reflect the three copies (not just the typical pair) of chromosome 21 that are present in almost everyone who has Down Syndrome (variations from this occur only very rarely) – so right from birth they all have something extra.

To mark this day in 2021, a short video has been released celebrating the impact that employers can have whenever they hire someone with Down Syndrome, ‘The Hiring Chain’.  The soundtrack is performed by Sting.  Please go to to watch!

To read more about the UK’s Down Syndrome Association please go to:

And here’s a specific reference to World Down Syndrome Day:


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