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Posted: 12th March 2021

Insight into Industry Day.

Here a member of Lower V has written about her form’s experience on Tuesday 9th March in their Insight into Industry Day.

‘I am a Lower V student and on Tuesday we took part in an industry workshop run by Ms Hales, our Head of Year. It was a fun and interesting experience that I found very helpful. We were split into groups of six and we had periods one to five to design a smoothie and imagine we were selling it at the school summer fair with a forty pound budget. In period six each group had to advertise and showcase their idea.

Each team had to designate a finance person, a project manager, an assistant project manager, a creative team of two people and a promoter. Everyone worked together to produce ideas and worked well as a team, which is a very important life skill which we will require in almost every walk of life. When we had discussed in our team our main ideas, such as our group name, our smoothie flavours etc. we focused on our own areas.

The creative team put together some posters and thought of a logo, the finance person tried to find the cheapest cost of all the ingredients and what we could do to make as much profit as possible, the promoter put together some slogan ideas and ways to present our smoothie to the group whilst the project manager and assistant project manager made sure everything was going to plan. In my group the manager helped mainly with finances and the assistant with the creative and promotional team. In period six every group presented their ideas, some people handed out posters, some wrote a song and others performed an advertisement. At the end two groups were awarded first and second place by the teachers and every member of the winning team was given mini trophies.

Overall, it was a great day and a unique, practical experience that has given me life skills I will never forget such as working in a team, presenting a product, learning financial skills like how to budget and make a profit. I also learnt how to use artistic, musical, creative and dramatic skills together to promote and advertise something. These are all essential skills which are needed in a workplace. The day was a rewarding and enriching experience.’

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