Intermediate Maths Challenge

Posted: 12th March 2021

Seniors triumph.

Last week we heard the wonderful news of the results of the UK Mathematics Trust Intermediate Maths Challenge.  Girls at St Augustine’s Priory have received some spectacular results.  Five gold awards have gone to Chloe, Simran, Lily and Yuuri in Upper V and Mana in Upper IV with these Upper V girls qualifying for the European Kangaroo stage of the competition.  Mana (Upper IV) was the best in the school and she qualifies for the Olympiad stage of the competition.


Three silver awards went to Thanuja, Monique and Maria in Upper IV who also qualify for the European Kangaroo.  There was a multitude of bronzes which went to Daisy, Rania, Ottilie, Sofia, Grace, Celeste, Karuna, Hodan and Lucy in Upper V, Stella, Helen, Carlotta and Freya in Lower V and Alice in Upper IV.  Both the Olympiad and the Kangaroo will take place later this month.  Many congratulations to all who took part, what splendid results!

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